Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angel Mourning

Let us look upon the world we make
Let us survey our works
And compare them to what we've been given
And let us wonder
Should we be forgiven

Consecrated to the world
The son’s grave was held to be
Home to greater divinity
We’d carry the symbol
Call upon its power
Until something else
Captured our attentions
Our good intentions
We become distracted
And the visions of our being
So devastated in his absent shadow
So hallowed
We are consumed and bound in sin
Our skin is our cloak, so thin and weak
We find our world lost
Rain forests burning covered in smoke
Our oceans filled with oil
Cities burgeoning
With crime and pestilence
Any holy ground is now polluted soil
God and heavens please save us
If there should be
Any chance for redemption