Thursday, July 15, 2010

I woke up to Red Skies

I woke up to red skies
Sitting in the midst of rubble
I was praying for comfort
But I wasn’t standing
Upon any holy ground
The smoke was rising
Collapsing lives unfulfilled
There wasn’t a sound
The fire was growing
The winds were still
And the rain fell down
Someone crying for a life of hell
And the need for a scarlet garment
A striking red wedding gown
The groom is returning soon
The bride’s life is burning
There is no room to recover
For we live upon the world’s edge
About to fall in the crevice
Having already abandoned the fetus
To the salt water tide
And our sisters and brothers
And having devoured our parents
In a ritual sacrifice
We passed the cup to drink
Beneath the silent screams
We hid beneath our disguise
A cloak of withered flesh
A belt of broken dreams
Our hopes turned to dust
The red skies are turned loose
Our lies are the noose
That hangs us