Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Field of Flowers

“Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.” Epicurus


Every second lost, I am
Closer yet
To my sobriety
For when I am dead I will not hover
Will not stay in the world of stone
Lay me down in a field of flowers
So that their perfumed scent with cover
The consumption of my hours
I linger in the moments as they flee
Amazed by the variety
Some are sweet, some are sour
Some are ugly, some possess beauty
Some are tragic, some have majesty
Lay me down in a field of flowers
Their beauty will betray
That I have been devoured
By the day
By my misery
Jesus let the harvest
Begin in all its wrath
Jesus take me home
Let me lay
Let me fall
Upon the path
Jesus I am lost
And can never be found
Jesus come for me
I lay upon unholy ground

“I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather... Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.” Will Shriner