Monday, August 16, 2010

Crown Royal

In the haze of the distilled rye
I am drinking
I try
To finally get free
I try to forget
But in she walks
And I can’t help but remember
All the things she did to me
My eyes burn to see her
Even alone without her new man
I don’t cry and tears don’t fall but
Doesn’t mean I’m not sad
So many hopes crushed
So many hurtful lies
How could it end that way
I was consumed by rage
Destroyed by the venom
Of cruelty served cold
We were meant to be lovers
But now she hates me
I longed to hold her
But she is with another
And while I am left cold
I seethe
Inside I’m dying
And the pain is killing me
I can’t stop the way I feel
Betrayal is so alien
Something so surreal
I burn inside
I should be with her
This life is a lie
If I cannot be by her side
Let the end come swiftly
I’m done with this world
I’m alone, shattered
But still she lives, still the world turns
And I linger here, drinking
Remembering everything