Saturday, August 14, 2010


Pour cette vie Je suis l'somnambule
Irony strikes for I cannot sleep
Realizing all my life that I am a fool
For even when I speak my heart
She doesn’t think I am true
If I see clearly
I’m still blind
Still locked in my tomb
Of despair and fear
I’ve spent my life embrace
Chasing after never was
Thrilling to scented perfumes
Of never could be
Waiting upon one who will not wake
While I live the half life
Of someone walking in their sleep
Or sleeping while I walk
I long to be heard but
My lips move but say nothing
My tongue moves but I cannot talk
I am sleepwalking through my life
But don’t try to wake me
I am overwrought
Je suis accablé
I am lost
In my dreams
In my sleep