Saturday, August 14, 2010

We Are The Children

In the midst of the heavens
Is a world of green and blue
Spinning in the darkness
Lit by the sun
In glorious light embued
So holy and sacred
And life when begun
Is so beautiful
Fresh, and naked
Nude to Gods’ eyes
Serene and new
Without guile
Without disguise
We dance
We are children of the green
The kin of the forest
The fae of the earth
We hover between this world and dreams
We sing as if in chorus
We are blessed beyond any curse
Life will follow the rivers and streams
To the oceans and their course
So that the land may quench its thirst
As rain falls and renews
The children of the blue
That will nurture our being
Floods our lands
Falls as morning dew
With life, and growth
The horizon is not the limit
We are one with the blue
We are one with the green