Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Lifted the Veil

"I was about half in love with her by the time we sat down.
That's the thing about girls. Every time they do something
pretty... you fall half in love with them, and then you
never know where the hell you are." J. D. Salinger


I don’t know my name when I am with you
I don’t have a clue where we even are
I haven’t a thought about world when I’m with you
I might as well be living in the stars
Because you move me
You make my world come alive
You redeemed me
Because of you
My dead spirit was revived
So gray, covered in shadows
Now I see the reasons
Now I see the truth
Because of you
There is less darkness in the night
I love you, am in awe, always
I need you, don’t deserve you
You lifted the veil between us
So that I might be walking in the light

"Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires." Francois de La Rochefoucauld