Monday, April 4, 2011

We are the RUS

Covered in rings of metal
Armed with forged steel
Protected by Thor’s runes
We are his hammer
drinking wine
from virgin navels
eating dates
from looted caravans of camels
We are the Rus
Feel our wrath
Our ways are harsh
Our steel is true
Covered in your blood
We follow the path
We are the living
Who long have traveled
The paths of the dead
Covered in crimson
We paint the snows so white
With red
From north of Africa
To western reaches
Of Persia
We exist to conquer
We will overwhelm
Your foolish walls
And defenses
Keep your ways
Maintain the pretense
Your perfect society
Will fail
For we come upon our ships
Will steal what you make
Take what you produce
Leave for you to resume
Your lives
Until the next harvest
Coming soon
Light the fires
To light our way
To invite our rage
Your shores will be ours
We will take your treasures
Your walls will fall
And we shall enter in
To pillage and burn
Kill your warriors
And then
We will leave
Only to again return