Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wine Poured Out

1964 It got worse
We were drawn in deeper
In an alien part of the earth
Few could find on the map
We were tired of war
Tired of the curse of anger
The scars from the great wars
Still brightly seen
This green beautiful place
The blue skies
Above the green thick cover
Showed the jets flying sorties
Bombing river boats
Attacking bridges
To choke the flow
Of materiel to the South
This corner of an ignored world
Was now crossroads of Cold war conflict
East versus West
Super powers collide
Politically charged fires
In a world with borders
Drawn with barbed wire
We sent our children to fight
To make a stand
For an ill defined goal
In a foreign land
And we won nothing
But the costs of lost youth
Sorrow beyond measure
Toxic poisons in our soul
Broken warriors with limbs with no use
A beautiful vintage of wine
Poured upon the ground
After so much promise
What was the point

What was the point

There is none.