Thursday, December 13, 2012


Some think that the universe has justice
Some believe that life is good
Some believe that all the pain
We feel
Ultimately will remind us
Of what is true
Of what is worthy
Of what is just
But I don't know
I've no idea
I believe life just is
I believe that we exist
I believe all there is
Is what there is
And God knows
Why we live
Why we die
Why we sorrow
Laugh or cry
I don't know any more
Don't know the path
Don't know how to find
Heaven's door
With every dagger's twist
Every ironic shift
From every hope
To resolute exhaustive surrender
I don't know why we are here
And I don't want to remember
I just wish to sleep
I just wish
To go away
Dream of the end
In my cold little place
In my cold little world