Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Unrequited Kiss

I long for the kiss of Azrael
But he refuses to allow it
I wish to go away forever
It is just out of reach

I attempt to surrender
But it is ignored
There is more of me lost
Than will ever be found

Necrotic at the core
I am less living than dead
No memories left to remember
Grown cold and laying

Upon this frozen ground
The clouds above a confluence
Of darkness and light
Never stopping

Dancing before earth's auditorium
They are comforting but silent
Yet they beckon me
To go to the other side

The prison of flesh is my tedium
The other side is freedom
The clouds spin
The spiral of energy flows

The opera sings my requiem
But I am still here
Who refuses to sever
The chains that bind me to this place

I am ready to leave
Let me fly
Life is my pain and death my opium
The door is open

Azrael kiss me, kiss me deadly