Friday, May 25, 2012

Alexander and Cleitus the Black

At the river Granicus the Persians nearly slew Alexander the Great
But his life was spared by Cleitus the Black
Who chopped off the arm of enemy about to perform a killing blow
Still Alexander suffered a wound,
A half inch crease of blood across his skull,
So goes the course of history
Cleitus saved him, for greater things
The campaigns went on proving Alexander's brilliance
Miracles were performed by Alexander
Empires and nations fell before him
In truth, Alexander felt that he was beyond reproach
But Cleitus felt allowed by his saving deeds
So he spoke of Alexander, to his face
Approached him as if Alexander was a man, not a God
Told him that Alexander was certainly Great
But still subordinate, to his men
And he should obey Macedonia's needs
Instead of Alexander's need of pleasures
But Cleitus wasn't allowed
And received a spear in his body
Thrown by Alexander
For his honest words
To a self perceived God
Beyond reproach