Friday, November 5, 2010


I never knew how hollow I could feel
Until you left my side
Now I can’t believe the emptiness
There’s nothing there
Any longer
How wrong it feels but I wasn’t deceived
I just had thought someday we’d build a life
Together make a plan, be more than this
And now there isn’t even that
I am so empty
Tears pound loudly down
In my heart there is a vacuum
In my mind there is no sound
Struck deaf by the pain
That you’ve left and gone
Because I saw the babies
In your eyes we’d have
But now you aren’t around
To see me smile, to hold my hand
To make love to me, to let me love you
To walk upon the beach, to run across the sands
You were my Queen of all I am
Now you are gone, and this is the end
For I lived to be with you and without your face
There’s nothing left but to pretend
Or run
Run away until my flesh turns gray
And someone finds me
And buries my fetid remains