Monday, November 15, 2010

let me sleep

Finally done
Rising from the depth
Of the winter of my sleep
Any who might have seen me
Might have thought I was dead
I lay still forever
But I just was hoping instead
To stay asleep
I cannot sleep any longer
I’ve dreamed for so many hours
My mind is full of stories
Of love and loss
And heroic glory
The mind has such power
It can replace life with pictures
From thoughts that linger
Then adds a story from my memory
Leaving me without reality
Gentle echoes pour over me
How I long to remain asleep
Nothing can hurt me when I dream
The echoes of life
Are made so serene
Dreaming is freedom
From this world
That crushes my heart
From my life
That slips away
Moment by moment
Day after day
There is no reason
For me to ever be awake
So let me sleep again
Let me sleep forever
Let my being remain
In the gray lands
So I will not remember
What has gone on before
Or what I miss from now on
Come take me man of sand
Make me sleep
Make me sleep
Let me sleep
Let me live
In my dreams
Let me sever
This existence
Let me go
Let me sleep