Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Lift Her Up

(I am asked often how I can write such deeply felt love poems, and be married. I think all I can say in response is, my wife Beth is my partner, and first loved me in this life. )

I lift her up
Both of my arms raised
She balances upon them
And deserves praise
For her isolation there
Is hard
And is so delicately placed
Upon the horizon between
Light and dark
Our dance is one
Where the end is not the point
But rather the place we arrive at
To let us know
The journey has changed
To begin anew
Together again
And I remain
At her side
I hold her up
So she will not be undone
By the damages of fate
And the pains that come
From life
Together or apart
She dwells in my heart
I lift her up
God hear my prayer