Monday, December 13, 2010


It is not written for the religious
They’d twist it
It is not found upon a rock
Nor visualized with a hieroglyph
The eternal does not desire
The tears of a sinner
Righteous tears
The regrets of a cheater
The sorrow over stain
The grieving over years
Lost to time

The eternal wishes
For humanity
To live
Without pain
Within each moment
In love
Without fear
For we were made
To fulfill our mission
To be joful

Made of flesh
Born of flesh
Poured into the clay
Every breath is a masterpiece
Of time and design
Every moment is a gift
If only we might see it
This is our world
Our only one
We seek perfection
But cannot be it
Only the eternal
Only the cosmic path
Is perfect
And we are fortunate
To be offered
To dance