Monday, December 13, 2010

A letter home

Early December, 1863
Union Army of Tennessee
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Johnny Reb doesn’t need the slaves
To do his work every day
Its an institution
That ain’t worth saving
Old Abe is determined
To save the Union
Johnny Reb, is fool to think
We will let them break away
From the nation
Our armies will collide
It is inevitable one will fail
I pray its them,
I pray that every day
My grandpa told me
About the time he rode
Against the Batallón de San Patricio
In the Mexico war
He said traitor Irishmen
Had left our side for the other
They fought against us
And when they were caught
They hung them up
That ain’t possible here
Too many against us
And not enough nooses
Not enough knots
Not enough gallows
There are too many
In rebel gray and butternut
To hang them all
When we see our brothers
Wearing blue
Laying in the fields
In the craters
And can’t be saved
Our resolve is hardened
We aim to make it right
The Union will be made safe
We fight for our homes
We fight for our country
We fight for Old Abe
And we pray
That God is on our side