Thursday, December 9, 2010

City of Steel 1943

The city of steel
Stalin's own city
Attacked for the value
Of its name
Such a crossroad
Between hope
And none
Such a juncture
So few could see it

Sent to strangle the structure
Named for the leader
Hitler's men
Some in Black, others in Gray
Moved in mass numbers
Ready to destroy
Ready to consume
Ready to slay

Untold cataclysm
One army told to take and hold
The other told to take not one step back
Steel versus Iron
Blood on the Cross
Hammer and Star
Collide, attack

More than a million dead
Doesn't matter what uniform worn
In death, frozen and covered in snow
Bodies are bodies
The flesh is broken
Corrupted by lead
Bombs and fire
Declarations of strength
Don't limit
The length
Both sides resort towards
And nobody wins
Despite victory declared
Nobody lives
No one in the ghost town

Tragedy of Steel versus Iron
The frozen land unforgiving
So many dead
And the dead do not envy
The living
For the living
Returned in so few numbers
Starving and dying
For serving
The crooked Cross of Iron