Monday, July 23, 2012

Expectations of Perfection

In the end I was
Undone by expectations
That the others had for me
Of perfection so surreal
I regret my living
A life that wasn't fulfilled
I forget the many times
I was forgiven
For the trusts betrayed
I am dissected by the truth
My flesh is a puppet
Of the others controlling the wire
Of the others who guide the line
Putting the words in my mouth
Aiming my body towards the path
Trying to avert final judment
The creator has for me
Who am I to question
The others who wish perfection
The maker of this flesh
Must have been mistaken
For my flaws I've been forsaken
Why do I even bother
To wonder why
I've been left here
To die
Drowning in a desert
Burning in the cold
Freezing in the heat
Of humanity