Monday, May 26, 2014


The light that gives you hope to persevere

Not a saint nor a hero
Not a knight, with land
Just a foot soldier for the king
I speak of this to remember
Because others will forget
In the 8th year of the 2nd age
I was exhausted and nearly dead
From the battles I had fought
For the kingdom and for kin
I'd laid down my body
I asked for rest
And received
I labored still trying
To pay the cost
When in the midst of it all
She appeared
From the depth of the darkness
Just in time
Surrounding me
A light flying across my path
That nearly left me blind
I might have expected to die
I might have expected no mercy
But what I found was grace
Gentle as rain
And sweet love
That renewed me inside
And as quickly as it appeared
The light was gone again
But I knew it existed
Enough to persevere