Sunday, May 11, 2014

Elysium is Calling

I was raised in the east a farmer's child
I was young and strong and full of fire
I had fought in the wars of the Empire
Under the Roman Eagle I had marched
I was a veteran who had won his time
To be older, and live with his family
My life was settled upon an answer
Given a meaning, labor in the sun
Draw life from the earth, eat from the harvest
And never would my dreams perish
For there was only my life
Living now, rather than the here and after
The meaning from the land
The cycles of the season have their rhythm
You plant, you toil, they grow
They cannot grow any faster
You watch as your children become adults
There is no mystery
There is no wonder
There is nothing to be curious about
Life was glorious and happy
But also hard
My wife died of cancer
I lingered in the loneliness
Of knowing
That Elysium was waiting
But was it waiting for me
The mystery
For me
Was calling
Because there was no longer
A reason to be