Thursday, May 30, 2013

Despite the Times we live in

In the shadows cast by the light of the moon
The darkness falls upon the dark
I stumble while we walk
Amongst the ruins of the landscape
Of the city now gone
Dust and rubble
Of a land destroyed
By war and catastrophe
The midnight moon though bright
Casts shadows below
And though it covers her in dark
Her face is hidden by the night's mask
I can see the tears that she has cried
About things I don't understand
About the things that are out of my hands
She thinks that I don't love her
But it my love for her that keeps me alive
When there is only darkness
She is unable to see
How someone could love her
But I do
She make me glad
Even in such sorrowful times
When the world crumbles
And ghosts of my failures creep and haunt
I hope that she can trust me
That that love is all I have
And that it is all I want