Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Simple Girl named Joan

In her heart burned sorrow for her country
Her king was tested by the English
She was unable to speak what she felt
But had visions inside
They forced her to act
To be reviled as a fool
The visions would surface
And she would be received
By the king
Lead the armies
Break the siege
Around Orleans
A girl who dressed like a boy
Prayed like a monk
Made war like a general
Led a people to arms
Broke the siege
Around the city
Even as the English taunted
For how could a girl
Lead an army of men in war
She was called many things
A prostitute
A bitch
A slut
An apostate
A whore
A witch
But what she was
Was a woman
Blessed with a vision
Remembered for
Leading her country
From another country's grip
To freedom
To greatness
Betrayed and dying a martyr

Jeanne d'Arc