Saturday, May 25, 2013

Green Christ

Hold your faith banner
Hold it up with pride
Know that you are a good man
Know that you are good inside
Here he is Our savior
Made of God flesh
Or made of man?
Up lift then our beliefs
Display them for parade
Place them all upon a crucifix
And Praise him
Oh Praise him
Raise him up before you
Stare at the symbol
And bow down
Before the Green Christ
The Elvis Christ
Conspiracy Christ
Commercial Christ
Industrial Christ
Every Christ
Of our imaginations
Ignore the living word
Trust in your vanity
Trust in your self deceit
Worship what was made
Instead of the maker
Inviting your doom
Oh idolatrous nation
Sheep to the slaughter
Wie Schafe zur Schlachtbank geführt

A slaughter that will come
Any day now
It will come
Very soon

Wie Schafe zur Schlachtbank geführt