Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Towton Slaughter

The York longbows
Cast arrows after arrows
Plunging deep in the chest
Of the Lancasters
Slaughter without relent
The counting of the dead
An afterthought
The Lancasters of the Red
The Yorks of the White
Met at Towton
Though the Lancasters held the heights
A blizzard of snow
A mid Afternoon sun
The Red eyes became blind
And could not stand safely
Upon the ridge
They marched down
Where the Yorks stood
The day was March 29th
The year 1461
28,000 were to die
Snow turns red
The blinded Red
Entered defeat
Edward of the White
Henry of the Red
A White victory
Tactical collision
Crimson catastrophe
Axes and Longbows
Armor and shield
Soon the river nearby
With the currents
Carrying away
Melted snow
And lifeblood