Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Warrior, My Elizabeth

So tired from her passionate fight
Justice doesn't wait
But she is tired and sleep calls
So lays in abject glory
So pure in her beauty
Dreaming of soaring
In silvery skies
Wanting only joyous thoughts
Revels in purity
She is lovely
She is my heart's only desire
Laying there
My Elizabeth
Quiet so quiet
Peacefully dreaming
But her heart is afire
With knowing
She is held in place
By angel wings
And warrior's fire
She knows I wait
Forever if needed
So she sleeps
And I am here
When she breathes
I hear
She dreams
I am near
She sighs in her sleep
She is my dear
My Elizabeth
My loved one
My only love
My only
When you awake soon
I will be here

(art by Jeffery Catherine Jones)