Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty in the Grass

After my Lord's army
Had all but vanquished the foe
We had entered a period of rest
I'd then dreamed of solace from war
I had been tempted by my weakness
To waver from my quest
I'd given up all my belongings
I'd sworn off all pleasures of the flesh
I'd forsaken all treasures for HIM
And now in the lull of battle
When my body was weakened
I stepped into the garden for air
And saw her reclining
In perfect splendor
Beauty in the grass
I gave in to despair
Tears flowed down
For here she was
I wanted her so
I lusted her flesh indeed
And turned from her beauty
As if it were ugliness
And rejected my sins
Embarrassed and ashamed
That inside at least
I'd allowed my self
To shame my creed
So I went back into the battle