Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A raven will land upon my shoulder

When I die a raven will land upon my shoulder
It will watch as my body pulses in passing
But I will be standing, my flesh tied to a rock
For it is written that when my taboos are broken
My spirit will fail
Not even my spear Gáe Bulg shall save me

From the fall, from final defeat
But my life spent was worthy
From the time my spirit was forged
To my dying
I will walk all of the land
From eastern Ulster
To the paths of Leinster
Bringing hope to the fallen
Bringing victory to the good

I will die

But upon my feet
Still standing
For my land lives
And my spirit will return
As if the first who sees
The beautiful lands
Of Ulster

This land
This wonderful land
The glorious green
Will remain
Forever pristine
For I am Cuchulainn
The very Hound of Ulster