Wednesday, June 23, 2010

By the beat of my heart

I know you were hurt
You felt like all it ever did was rain
But you gave me a gift
There in my heart is a beating pulse
From the life you gave me
While in so much pain
I am unaware of who you are
Despite your having a name
Because you gave me up
In love, in having hopes for me
That came from above
I was your child and flesh
But you gave me to others
So that I could thrive
And have a breath
Of air that wasn’t empty
Of all I needed to survive
You gave me up
But I know if I were to lay my head
Upon your chest while you slept
I’d recognize you from the beat that you left
In my heart when you gave me away
So that I could be given more
So that you could let me be saved
And in the absence of your touch
I remember your love
From the constant beat
Of my heart
That you gave to me
In love
When you gave me up
In love for me