Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Master, Entropy

Entropy is our master
And ever to our folly
We contribute to its reign
Over us, over all humanity
Existence upon earth could never last
Principalities fall, chaos becomes us all
From the highest place to utter shame
We've fallen
At the end of our time 
When we have shed our flesh
Have given up all pretense to immortality
A grave wind shall blow through the land 
Unleashing bold storms with death
Our breath become an angry blast
And there will fall a rain
It shall fall, toxic, endless
When a doorway would appear
Answering every fear and banality
With hordes of demons flying
Dragons with steel wings
Radioactive breath and violent stings
Like clouds of locusts diving down
The end will come
The end of our day is done
We've only to ask for it to be
We've blotted out the sun
Ignored the one
Who could save us