Monday, November 28, 2016

find a way to be redeemed

I have walked for many miles
And have thought
Too many thoughts
I've lived in denial
Can't remember
All the times I fought
I am still moving
And refuse to stay silent
Because if I do
It crushes me
I become suicidal
There are so many words
That bubble inside of me
I can't stay quiet
No matter my misery
So I keep upon this journey
And remember my past
Refuse to give in
No matter what
I've been asked to do
Because I won't
I just can't
There are not shortcuts
Even with a heart of hope
You just have to be
Willing to bend
Allow yourself to fall
Find some time to mend
And remember how long
How pitiful this
Would all become
If you did it
Even win it
Without love
And you forgot who
You are supposed to be
Just keep moving
And find a way
To be redeemed