Sunday, November 6, 2016

Any longer

I am without words
When presented with
The obvious
I grieve
Through the shame
I can feel the rain
Of the pouring down
Oh, sorrow, I saw the fire in your eyes
Lose the flame
I used to feel the burn
But now I am disguised
With my soul in the masquerade
I hide from the world as it turns
Losing you more with every day
And the slow decay
Is one I can never slow
Much less make end
The fall, a landslide
Sweeps my hopes away
And inside I am losing
Every final hope
I ever had
That might have mattered
Why try any longer
I've been denied
I've been cast aside
And now there is nothing
It is wrong
I am bleeding
Without a way
To stop it
From emptying my heart
Upon the ground
And now I am gone
After believing
For so very long