Monday, November 14, 2016

I wasn't caught

Some people told me
That I look better
But you know what
I am still in shock
I am sorry
It was me who just called
Your phone was either busy
Or you didn't answer
I hung up before I found out
I didn't want to be found
Caught in the head lights
I am still
So ashamed
So embarrassed
Still a child
Still such a fool
I can't deal with all the regret
And let's not begin with forget
I can't live another day
Until I say
I still think about you
Every moment
And whisper your name
With every breath
I draw inside
I worry for you
Since you said goodbye
Love destroyed my mind
You bid me adieu
I fell back
In dead feint
I was sure I'd die
I couldn't believe
And that was just
The beginning
In time
I learned
How badly I was infected
And truly I regretted
Ever knowing
Ever meeting
Such a person
Who'd steal my innocence
Because I love you
I miss you
And I will become a ghost
As I long for you