Thursday, November 10, 2016

Golgotha Red Skies

First he was betrayed by a kiss
In a garden of prayer
Then, he was broken
By torture and flaying
His thin body was blood covered
As he carried the cross beam
Of this ancient killing device
Meant to steal life slowly
Once nailed to the wood
Nearly nude
He barely moved
But was unashamed
His cross sandwiched
Between two criminals
He was a King without an earthly throne
On a hill called the skull cap
This man, who was god
Sent by his father
Was slain
Broken by hanging
Like meat upon a tree
In a torturous fashion
Upon a Friday
The Romans allowed
The crowd to be satisfied
By giving them a choice
He was crushed and pierced
Suffocated by the method of his killing
Yet, despite his ordeal
He returned and defied logic
By proving his divine birthright