Friday, November 4, 2016

I love

I love
Because I am human
And have a space waiting
To be filled by another
Who will lift me up
Above the ruins
Of our worst devastation
We perform upon our own
I love
Am lifted above
The primal needs
By being filled
To full
By another's cup
I love
Because I am loved
I hope
Because there is hope
I am free
Because I have been redeemed
By the redemptive joy
Of loving without guile
That comes with pain
And grieving
I love
Because I was made
To know the depths
Of eternity
And I love you
Because from the first
I saw forever
In your eyes
And am unable
To hide my soul
To avert your viewing
By thought I've memorized
Every contour 
Of your gaze
So alluring
And I love
Because of you
And my heart is nude
Wearing no disquise
No masquerade
For you alone
We are a pas de deux
And I am satisfied