Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chastised by him still

Chastised by him
The adversary
Challenging me
To dwell in my past
Castrating me
Condemning me
Time proving my fragility
That flesh is temporary
Being human I understand
That this misery cannot last
I am simply a being
Without distinction
Who tried
While my flesh has been animated
There is proof of life
The truth of the corollary
Is that I have worth
Only by my actions
My footsteps left a mark
As if in snow
For every tear I've cried
From everything I've known
Every grieving heart
Every sorrow
What we do
Forward unto the next generation
In the form of the world
By what we leave behind
I will sacrifice all I am
To help my child survive
And avoid humanity's hand
Of mankind
Causing damnation