Monday, October 5, 2015

We aren't dancing

The many walk
Following blindly
Living unthinking
About their world
And their destiny
Sleeping in their flesh
Asleep to their existence

They live in a trance
And tell those who live
To obey
Those who rule
People who only
Love riches
Treasures and gold
they tell us
and tell us
We are told
Just how
To fucking dance
Their kind of dance

And sooner
Than later
That light
Behind her eyes
Disappeared and
I lost the chance
To ever hold her
She died
For society's lies
At the end of a road
That never led to anywhere
But to a town
That hated us
For being alive
And that we cared

So to those in a trance
Dance if you like
But I am alone
At can't
Without her
I can't and won't
So don't ask