Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Locusts and Crows

Running for our lives
Does not matter
We will never reach
The safety of our homes
They are blazing with fire
And the bombs keep dropping
While the vultures are watching
Waiting for our deaths
And our family
All of us
Missed the signs
And now we've noticed
But the tragedy of our ignorance
Is not just that it is too late
But that it is far too late
There are locusts
Who burst from the earth
They arrive in swarms
Within massive black storms
They sting
They might be destroyers
Of life
But truly
It was us
We poisoned our land
We never had a chance
Because of our overconfidence
Because of pride
Because we hid our eyes
From truth
and inequity
The crows circled
Above the city
And now
They don't even watch
Because of our betrayal
Because of our schemes
Because of our cheating
Our fates were sealed
By our own ignorance
And deceit