Saturday, October 17, 2015

Waiting for my kiss

I watched from a distance
As you faded from view
Every moment was torture
But only I knew
That you were passing
Through a doorway
To another world
How you lingered
In the moment
Such torment
And now you are gone
The memory of you
Lingers on and on
If I could have gone instead
I would have done so
Even if I'd end up dead
Because so many more
Loved you
Than I would ever know
In 20 lifetimes
You faded from view
Like a mirage
In the desert
Upon arriving from
Over the hill
The image isn't truth
But the fire it inspires
Allows us to go on
But without you
This world is darkness
And I haven't anything
To show for it
I am neither content
Nor fulfilled
And my dreams feature you
In days before
When life was happy
My heart is emptied
From every tear that falls
And I will only be happy
When the kiss of death calls
And I am next to you

Photo license
Photo by Joancreus