Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Inside our hearts the snow falls and never ends

Somewhere while we
Dance with Morpheus
And fend off the reach
Of the his children
Phobos and Deimos
We still rule
In a great city of our dreams
Where there are
No homeless people
Laying on park benches
In winter, somehow asleep
The perfect city
So clean, without flaw
There, even the snow falls
Pure white

Though the streets should be dark
Slippery with grime
They too, are clear of
Despite the wheels spinning
And the sort of people
Who might pollute the ideal,
Of the flawless dream
That people are alive
Filled with hope
And thankful
Instead of poor
Hungry and strung-out
Addicted to the latest drug
Using cardboard for blankets
Wear three pair of socks instead of shoes
Though the snow comes down
Freezing feet
And hope straight through