Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shredded and cast to the wind

I am your god
There are no others
Before me
Who can stand
In my flaw's light
So I wrote a scripture
To my followers
Yes to them
I wrote a letter
I tried to say within
That I had had enough
But the truth remains
I am so full of sin
I am glutton for pain
Like a pig at a trough
I cannot get my fill
I keep returning
Until I vomit
Taking the shares
Meant for others
Stealing the dreams
And the hopes
That with them cover
I am the God Imperfect
Worship me
For I am yours
And there shall never be
One nearly so flawed
Nor unredeemed
And dirty
I will fall down
And burn
Like paper
The letter
Cast it
To the wind
With all my sins
And waiting
For my pride to break
And me
To finally be