Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pour it out, drink of a new vintage

There is no shame
And nothing to gain
By remaining
The cup I offer is generous
Do not be remiss
There will be no more pain
It is time to be free
Your life has been lived
And now it is ready
Resistance has passed
The moment is here
My cup is offered
Take this
Your cup is dry
Your wineskin has cracked
Your life is ended
The vintage is dust
Poured out
No more
That wine has lost
All of its vitality
Its flavor and joy
I say to you drink
Taste of my cup
Taste of my lips
Take my hand
We will soar
To a place
Where new wine
Fills your cup
And never ends
Taste my kiss
Never surrender your moment
To despair
For the end
Is never the end
Unless you are soulless
Do not willingly enter the abyss
You have a choice
Drink of the cup