Wednesday, October 14, 2015


My heart never lets go
My loyalty is my passion
I am deeply honest
I am distinctive
Hard to forget my voice
I refuse to be a fool
For anyone
In nearly every single fashion
I am unlike anyone else
I am considered unique
And I accept that
I am perhaps interesting
But in one particular way
I am no different
Than the simplest man
With the simplest urge
Who gazes upon her
And becomes moved
For she is stunning
From the eyes to the heart
Men become transfixed
A goddess in repose
Compare her with nothing
You would be foolish to try
There is nothing that bears
Close comparison
Not a rose in bloom
Nor the finest poem
In exquisite form
Composed by a God
With the pen
Of Apollo
No, nothing is right
She is unique
My heart is stolen
And she has left the vault open
And I cannot close that door
In the hope
She may return