Friday, March 31, 2017

The Future or is it Fiction

The innocent cry out for mercy
But the world doesn't listen
It never has
Mercy is a luxury
If it is ever given, at all

The innocent are thirsty
For justice if not hope
But they have nothing
Not even dreams
They can be heard
As their cries echo
The earth is cursed

The wealthy prepare by hoarding
The others either prepare to die
Or steal from those who have little
The word in the air is a warning
Those who have nothing
Have nothing to lose

Centuries of oppression
Ghosts of a different day
Haunt the land
This is no rebellion
It is an attempt to kill
All those who have possessions
Enough to share and who do not

The nuclear fire burns all that lives
This is the end of the just and unjust
No time to escape
Humanity becomes extinct
And the winter following
Kills all other beings