Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Good Morning Afterlife

This life is not a play
Not a masquerade
We are awake
But not aware
We are flesh
Not sacred

We are clay
Yet we might ascend
We are forever bound 
If we are willing
Into the eternal

Paradise is a place
Without attachments
Without baggage
Without hate
Nor pain

There we will embrace
Every heart
Every soul that has suffered
And yet
Who has forgiven

Blessed are those who have chased
The knowledge of God
Of Heaven
Of the sacrifice
Of the spirit

Who are we to say
What heaven will be
Paradise is a concept
That doesn't fit
Into our mind

But never look away
Focus your eyes
And long for more
This world is not the end
There is that fire inside

No destiny, nor fate
Heaven is a promise
We can claim
Becoming gentle
And kind