Friday, March 17, 2017

Dear DNA Mom

As a child I longed for you
to hold me
As a young man I was angry
  that you could never see
Who I became
Or know my name
As a man, of growing age
   I miss what I could have known
By being yours
Once and forever
And what you could have shown me
But you left me
To be held by others
You took a knife and severed
All that I could have learned
All that I longed to be completed
Because you couldn't
And I miss you
Despite never knowing you
Or ever seeing your face
And now
As a man who has seen more life
Than remains
I know how
It must have felt
To have a child
Who is going away
Out of your sight
Out of your reach
Who has become an age
Who will never feel the shame
Of the night
I was created
By the lust and rage
  And I cannot imagine
What you went through
But you
Helped create
Who I am
And ever will be
By your considerate act
Of never killing me
To save yourself
And your future
Because you knew that I was
Not simple flesh
Nor a tumor
I was life