Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Far away in Elysium

There is no morning
Or midday, or night
There is no time piece,
No counting of seconds
Or minutes or hours
Elysium is the final place
Where we live in hope
And rest
Rather than be devoured
By the toll and cost of life
We lose the pain in our chest
We lose the pain of loss
And our beings are made of light
The nectar of the sweetest flower
With the most exquisite scent
Calls me from afar in the fields
As I return to my beloveds
To their voice
I am alive though not of flesh
I am given hope without worry
Without fears
Woven in love
I am in the thrall
I am here
Where there are no buildings
No walls
Just life eternal
Given by the merciful forgiveness
Of the one God
Who dwells in the sky
With enormous power
Creator of all things
We join him here
And never die