Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pax Arthur

The empire gave up
Without saying why
The emperor was calling
A cauldron of boiling rebellion
Roman Britain was ready to die
The throes of pain and fear
Allowed no hope
Only battle or death
The moment was ripe
Ready to be
Either catastrophic
Or miraculous
Prophets offered
No vision of the future
Though the world
Was ready for dying
And prophets
Predicted no savior
No matter the darkness
One man stood
And was welcomed
By myth and legend
Son of Uther
Grabbed fate by the throat
And cast out the enemy
Pushed back the Saxons
No more oppression
Who had driven the Romans
From Albion
Under Arthur there was now
No more sorrow
No more skies blackened
By the smoke from the fires
Of raiders and Saxons
King of the present
A promise to the future
Would destroy the chaos
As it should be
For there was only one
One with blood of Pendragon
Who was born to be
King forever
Arthur Rex