Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Night of the Wolf

Folk of the towns
Tell stories about us
We hunt
We slaughter
Fathers and Mothers
Brothers and daughters
They both loathe
Our kind
And thrill to our being
They spread the fear
Spin webs of lies
Without knowing
The truth
About our disguise
We are neither wolf
Nor man
We are the children of the night
Obeying the call of the wild
Our tribe is innumerable
Uncounted in the dark
The humans despise
All that we are
And track us down
Not knowing the danger
We are unmoved by their rules
And respond only
To the anger
Inside of us
They know nothing
Not anything about us
There is no justice
For we cannot be
Anything but this
We are this way
Called to be hated
Given a curse
Not for anything we have done
We are punished
For the human deeds
We are worse
Than society's least
Kept in chains
We are alive
Born of the belly of the beast
We are the earth
Taking our vengeance
Upon the world before us
Humans have no excuse
They have brought this
Upon themselves
They have made this world
Worse than wild
Upon the birth of the fullest moon
The earth beneath is bright
It is a signal beacon
For our metamorphosis
We loose our lips
And respond with our howl
Preparing to feast
Upon the human horde
Their corpulence
Bringing the feeding
The howl comes from the depths
Of our viscera
Screaming out to the world
Our hatred of their hypocrisy
Their disease being worse
Than our lycanthropy