Friday, March 24, 2017

The Beast Inside

The forgetful mind of humans
Is the enabler of the beast
Inside every man
Who wishes to punish
The ghosts inside
That he fears
He hates without remorse
Gathering those he hates
They who feast upon the weak
Are weeks from being
Gentle children
Who play
And the slaves of the empire
Are fodder for the oven
The burning black clouds
Churn upward every day

Who remembers the fallen
When the fallen are without defenders
Who will answer the call
To protect the world
From the beast that exists
In the heart of every man
The citizens of the empire in thrall
Of the leader's voice
Who had promised splendor
Instead hell on earth prevails
And only surrender
Will still the work
To burn the bodies
Of the dead
Victims of the empire
Who set the world